YOUR ULTRA LIGHT TRAILER RENTAL SPECIALIS, your best alternative for your vacations, camping and recreation with a recreational vehicle.


(431 kg / 950 lbs)

The Car-Go Trailers Liberty 2Go mini trailer is a light model that can be towed by all types of vehicles. No more tent, it offers you comfort, flexibility and it is very functional. With its light weight (431 kg / 950 lbs) it is easy to use and move. Plenty of storage is also at your disposal and the versatility of its kitchen space.


(499 kg / 1100 lbs)

The lightest in its class on the market (499 kg / 1100 lbs) and with plenty of storage, its maneuverability will allow you to easily position it in the heart of the action. Can be towed with most compact cars and small utility vehicles in addition to achieving significant fuel savings. The ideal choice for families.


Geo Pro G12RK

(575 kg / 1,270 lbs)

The Rockwood Geo Pro 12RK is the basic little trailer that meets all the needs of anyone who has a small vehicle to tow or just needs a little something to sleep in and be able to cook outside. This unit includes a TV, refrigerator, microwave, outdoor sink and propane hotplate.



(261 kg / 575 lbs)

Recognized on the market for mini-cars and motorcycles, the HE3C series is very light thanks to its monocoque structure. With its aerodynamics and stability in any situation on the road, it will be an essential asset for all your escapades. Go longer and further, hassle-free. It will be your ideal tool for your long hikes.



To make your adventure easier, we offer a range of accessories available for rental or purchase.

For your 2 or 3 wheel motorcycle, your electric car, your mini-car or even your ATV, rents ULTRA-LIGHT trailers and trailers for camping and related equipment.



  • Ultra light and economical

    • Our models can be pulled by the majority of vehicles and motorcycles, while ensuring reasonable fuel consumption. daily and weekly rates are very competitive and we provide the required accessories to avoid unnecessary expenses.

  • Ready to camp and easy to use

    • Our models allow you to get settled in a few seconds and to leave just as quickly, while having a quality rest.

  • Flexibility and Autonomy

    • Compact sizes allow many places to be visited where larger recreational vehicles are not allowed. The AGM battery gives you an autonomy of several days to discover new horizons.

  • Turnkey service

    • Take advantage of the professional service of for the preparation of your reservation, the professional quality of cleaning and disinfection, the protection of a legal agreement and bilingual support at all times.

  • online booking

    • Enjoy a choice of different trailer / RV and save time with a 100% online booking. Need help to book, you can of course contact us  .

  • Loyalty program to buy from manufacturies

    • If your regular use justifies a purchase, our team can help you assess your needs by considering the costs associated with the purchase and maintenance and offer you a competitive price.