day: $ 79

      week (7 nights): $ 470

      HIGH SEASON (July 16 to August 13, 2021):

      $ 550 * / week (weekly only, from Friday to Friday)

      Liberty 2Go


      day: $ 85

      week (7 nights): $ 500

      HIGH SEASON (July 16 to August 13, 2021):

      $ 595 * / week (weekly only, Friday to Friday)

      Serie O4 et

      Geo Pro G12RK


      day: $ 99

      week (7 nights): $ 590

      HIGH SEASON (July 16 to August 13, 2021):

      $ 690 * / week (weekly only, Friday to Friday)


      • 10% discount on rentals of 3 weeks or more

      • In high season, reservations are weekly only, from Friday to Friday

      • Reservations for a minimum of 3 nights. We are closed on Saturdays and Sundays and on public holidays. We can make exceptions. Contact us for a specific need

      • The reservation rules and prices displayed on the site are proof of everything, in particular in relation to the costs estimated on the reservation platform. In the event of a price difference, locationcamping.ca reserves the right to cancel the reservation or to propose to lessors, within 7 days maximum following the reservation, a price adjustment, subject to their acceptance. If the landlord refuses, the reservation could be canceled.

      Rental conditions

      • Be 21 years of age and over and have a valid driver's license. All drivers must have a good driving record and be present with their driver's license and passport (for non-resident renter in Canada) upon departure.

      • Fill out and provide all the information necessary for the online reservation (rental contract confirmed only after signing and deposit) (contract sent by email 48 hours after booking).

      • Rental made on a first come, first served basis (see Booking and Availability). The reservation is confirmed only upon receipt of the reservation deposit.

      • The trailers are non-smoking areas. Penalties and cleaning fees apply where applicable.

      • Departures and returns are by appointment only.

      • The trailer may only be used on public roads of sufficient width and clearance to allow the use of the trailer in complete safety. It should never be used off-road.

      • When booking, a non-refundable reservation deposit of $ 250 must be paid by credit card or interac transfer. The balance must be paid for at least 30 days before taking possession of the equipment using the method listed above. The rental fees will be charged if the tenant has not paid the fees according to the above methods. If the tenant cancels 31 days or more before taking possession, no deposit will be refunded. 30 days or less, no refund of deposit refunded and other rental charges will be required.

      • Provide proof of liability insurance and automobile insurance (endorsement FAQ 27) after booking by email. 

      • When taking possession, the security deposit of $ 500 by credit card ($ 2,500 required in the case of no proof of insurance) will be required. This deposit will be returned to you according to the rental agreement after the equipment has been returned on the date stipulated in the contract.

      • Comply with the terms and conditions for the rental agreement, which prevails over any other document.

      • The vehicle could be fitted with a geolocation device.

      • Trailer hitch, 4-strand or 7-strand connector and a 2-inch hitch ball are required